Betrayal of Trust

B. B. Wright




What if everything you believed in was a lie? That’s what Edward Slocum (executive vice-president of KemKor Pharmaceuticals) begins to learn when he sees armed men at Building 3C on the Company premises. Suspicious, now, of the organization’s operation, it isn’t long before he finds himself propelled along a dangerous rollercoaster ride of events that irrevocably changes his own life and endangers the future of his community. Fraught with guilt over his wife’s death, Edward struggles with his rekindled attraction to his teenage sweetheart, Charlotte Bradley, and his growing misgivings about his friend, John Elkhart.

Still in love with Edward, Charlotte - a strong, independent person - joins forces with him along with their friend Janet Thompson to discover the secret of KemKor’s Building 3C.

They quickly learn that nothing is what it appears to be as they try to expose the corrupt, greed-infested CEO of KemKor, William Rattray, and to muster up support in their community to take down the local drug cartel headed by the charismatic and ruthless Garcia Urquiza who will stop at nothing-including murder-to protect his cartel’s unique method of smuggling cocaine into the United States from rural Canada.

Unable to turn back, Edward, Charlotte and Janet learn much more than they ever wanted about - the community, the death of Edward’s wife, KemKor’s real agenda, and the strength of their moral resolve.

Moving to a breathless crescendo of suspense, the novel is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller with naughty bits and all that keeps the reader of both genders-teenager to adult-guessing at every twist and turn.



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