B. B. Wright is a coauthor of “Mathscope,” for Prentice-Hall Canada, (“Mathscope 1 ” and “Mathscope 2 ”) and the “Mathscope Teacher Manual ”. As well, he contributed to “A Guide to Public Involvement (Z764-96) ” for the Canadian Standards Association. Some of his most widely held works may be found at www.worldcat.org.

Retired from high school teaching, he and his wife split their time between Priceville, in Grey County and Brampton, Ontario.

“I’ve often been asked: “What motivated you to write this book?” There are a lot of different reasons—some obvious and some not so obvious. It really began when I decided to explore an answer to the question: What will be my legacy? I knew that I needed to set a different, yet meaningful new challenge for myself that would not only reveal a different part of me but would, in all likelihood, become an integral part of my future. Novel writing fitted the bill to a tee; not only was it something that I have always wanted to do but it was loaded with the breadth and depth of creativity and challenge that I was looking for. Where else can you live in a world of characters and situations—even if only for a short while each day—of your own creation? But, most importantly, it was a wonderful way to express my gratitude to the books and to the people who have shaped my life.

I don’t meticulously outline a book then sit down behind my keyboard and begin writing. That’s just not my style of writing. I like that sense of mystery to each chapter that comes from not really being sure what’s going to happen. From my point of view, it keeps my writing emotionally connected and vibrant and stops me from becoming flat. Turning ‘left’ instead of ‘right’ in a chapter gets my problem-solving juices flowing, often leading to unexpected surprises in the end result.”

Best Advice: This quote from Emily Dickinson "Dwell in the possibility."
Motto: Doubt whom you will but never yourself.